D. Cullen Shares ‘Heartline’

May 12, 2021

D. Cullen moves into summer mode with ‘Heartline’, an upbeat melodic ray of sunshine that melds the 1970s, 1980s and 2020s in a Tom Petty meets Elvis Costello meets Taylor Swift fashion.

It tells a tale of 2 people losing the run of themselves and intertwining for a vaguely remembered night even though they realise it’s not the smartest idea in the world.

“This song is one of my favourite things I’ve ever done sonically. It started in Saltwell Studios, in Cambridgeshire, England with me playing acoustic guitar & singing before adding mountains of electric guitars on top of the track. Boo Hewerdine played an amazing bass part, Chris Pepper contributed some glorious drums, I added some droning Harmonium and Motown-y tambourines and we called it a day!

“In the second session, over lockdown, Sinead McConville added her luscious backing vocals to the track before Roger Bechirian went to town and added the Piano, Hand Claps and, my favourite bit of the whole song, the Organ.”


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