Cynthia Catania Unveils ‘Forever For Goodbye (Near Death Remix)’

May 20, 2021

Singer-songwriter-producer, Saucy Monky Alumni; Hot Press Guest Sex Columnist; ABC Theme Songwriter; and recent signee to IMRO, Cynthia Catania has been churning out the singles during the past year and immersing herself in studio work during the pandemic. This new single is an extended remix of a ‘Take Fountain’ release penned with long-time Dublin-born collaborator, Annmarie Cullen.

The singer-producer says, “‘Forever For Goodbye’ is near & dear to my heart. The song was originally written for a film pitch. My co-writer and I were so inspired by our collaborators we started a new project with them! Steve Sidelynk (Massive Attack) and Thomas Ross Johansen produced the original. Thomas also contributed tracks for this particular remix and a few others we stalled on. Steve was so busy touring ‘Take Fountain’ never got off the ground – but the song became a staple in my live show. Especially as a solo artist, I was grabbing those experimental samples for live loops. Those parts became the base of this arrangement. It’s been an experiment delving into soundscapes, attempting to figure out how to keep the listener’s attention – the track plays down in just under six minutes. It was an awesome experience, getting lost in the production process.”

The songwriting is lovelorn on the surface, but to me, it’s always been about expansion. Taking that idea of having “forever to say goodbye” well knowing we all have our own interpretations of timelessness, endings, death, break-ups, and so on. Someone near and dear to my heart was a part of the Dutch ‘MarsOne’ project – a contest for space exploration and the settlement of planet Mars. At the time this was written, I was immersed in thinking about losing someone to space – it was unimaginable, ya know? The remix is an offshoot of those ideas and feelings, taking it one step further – the literal meaning, the existential; death, near-death (experiences), space – both inner and outer. That’s what I was trying to evoke with the music and further with the video (thanks to my collaborators Aly Whitman and Sue Ann Pien). Those images, the sound design, and even my approach to the performance art.” Catania says

‘Forever For Goodbye (Near Death Remix)’ is out now.

Forever For Goodbye (NDR) on Spotify

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