Craig Cooney Back with ‘Forever Young’

July 14, 2020

Craig Cooney is back with a brand new single to be released on all streaming platforms on the 17th July. Recorded in Windmill Lane Studios by engineer and producer Cormac Kavanagh, it will be his first release since signing with Fluttertone earlier this year

The song is a laid-back, chilled track in which Craig reminisces and reflects on his childhood. With its mellow vibe and catchy chorus, it is sure to strike an emotional chord with listeners and take them on a trip down memory lane. It’s a track that can be enjoyed driving in your car, unwinding on you own or while enjoying a get-together with friends and family. A wide range of instruments makes it a foot-tapping, head-nodding track. A young choir also features throughout, giving a fuller sound to an already beautiful song.

Craig says, “Being an adult with children of my own, I find a lot of people lose touch with their former selves and the memories that made us in to the men and women we are today. I wrote ‘Young Forever’ for the people who want to reflect on the best years of their lives, where we were all carefree and truly felt Young Forever, I want people to press play on this song when they want to press pause on life and go on a journey for the three-minute running time.”

‘Forever Young’ will be available on all streaming platforms on July 17th.

You can pre-Order the song by clicking the link below.
Pre Save ‘Young Forever’ Here

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