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Contemporary Harpist BRÍDÍN Releases New Single, ‘Empty Room’ from her Forthcoming Self-Titled Debut Album

May 27, 2022

BRÍDÍN, West Co. Sligo native, carries on the tradition of Irish music into the fourth generation of her family. BRÍDÍN sings, plays the harp, flute, piano and dances sean nós. BRÍDÍN’s musical talent emerged at a very early age. Over the years she has achieved many accolades for her musical ability. Her love of music led her to pursue a musical career, having studied music at University College Cork achieving a degree and Masters in music and performance. BRÍDÍN’s recent performances include ‘The Late Late Show’, ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’, ‘Ireland AM’, ‘Today with Maura and Daithí’, ‘Claire Byrne Live’ and national radio.

Over the past number of years, BRÍDÍN has developed her own style influenced by her natural surroundings and rooted in her background in traditional Irish music.  BRÍDÍN uses her loop and effect pedals to create her musical pieces. Her layered melodies on harp and voice blend beautifully with contrapuntal fiddle, keyboard, electric guitar and bass, woven together with pulsating drums.

BRÍDÍN’s single ‘Empty Room’ is a song about how she loves ‘the sound of an empty room’. It stems from her being a sociable introvert who could spend hours on end happily in the studio completely alone writing and playing music, but is not lonely or sad in doing so. ‘Some people feel sorry for you if you’re on your own, I’m just expressing that I’m really happy in my own company’. The song sounds dark from the beginning, but as she experiments with her different styles of voice, it opens up an angelic layered depth as she layers her soprano countermelodies. She also expresses how she can hear music in her head; ‘I’ve always been able to hear music in my head, I could arrange a whole song in my head with multiple instruments and vocals and have often done so in bed at night or on long journeys. I never thought it was unusual until I started to study (lightly) neuroscience and how people think so differently.”


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