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Christian Cohle to Release New Single ‘Spinning Heart’

February 15, 2022

Christian Cohle is set to reveal his stunning new track Spinning Heart, an intimate insight into entering a new era after the breakdown of a relationship. Cohle affirms his reputation for effortlessly flowing from soaring, cinematic productions to moments of delicate heartbreak. The track slowly swells into a broad, ambient soundscape where every sonic pulse resonates with his lyrics on one’s place in the world in the midst of painful circumstances. It reaches a euphoric pinnacle before finally tapering down to a captivating ending of simple piano strokes.

Spinning Heart continues the Irish artist’s stellar list of releases. He has received praise as one of the top artists of the year from the Line of Best Fit, airplay on BBC radio, and additions to leading Spotify playlists. Cohle has the ability to effortlessly weave drama, catharsis, and vulnerability into his music; and continues to experiment with each release. This marks the first time he has added acoustic instruments to his productions, as well as other musicians – including collaborators of artists like Bjork and Antony & the Johnsons. Actual voicemail recordings were also used on Spinning Heart, giving the song “an intimacy which I wanted this release to have.

Discussing the new track, Cohle reveals –

“Spinning Heart’s title was inspired directly by one of my favorite Irish author’s books, by Donal Ryan, titled ‘The Spinning Heart’. I borrowed the title and made it reflect my own predicament at the time during a really difficult breakup I went through, when Covid first hit. I felt like my life was just spinning along, moving forwards but directionless. I was being spun around by the pain, the loss, the confusion, the doubt caused by having to end what was a really beautiful relationship.”

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