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Charles Boulevard share new single Moped Dream

April 6, 2023

Charles Boulevard ride the airwaves anew today with their first single release of 2023 “Moped Dream”. The Czech/Irish group have selected this track from a new cycle of songs which will form the basis of  an album later in the  year.

“Moped Dream” is a bite size pocket rocker that likens a spin on a moped to the journey of life. The song is up and running straight out of the traps with a fast tempo piano motif which propels the song forward and forms the central hook. Berny PB’s high octane rhythm section provides the gas while Pavel Holada’s steel guitar opens up the spaces to a dreamy soundscape reminiscent of those big sound productions from a bygone musical era.

The song takes us on the journey which is the bumpy road of life with all it’s twists and turns. Pavel on lead vocals observes from the beginning “Even though the road is slow I ought to know there’s trouble round the bend”. He ponders if he should just give up when things  get difficult “If I just close my eyes it could all end right here” but concludes  “I can’t cause I’m here to ride”. He knows only time will tell how he steers that moped.


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