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Brian McGrane & Chloe Agnew Release New Single ‘Somebody Just Like You’

October 22, 2021

Chloë Agnew and Brian McGrane, both successful Irish singer/songwriters with roots in world-renowned music collective Celtic Woman, have released their new single ‘Somebody Just Like You’.    It’s out on all streaming platforms now.

Does the heart ever forget what real love feels like? 

Agnew and McGrane both agree that it does not, and have turned that sentiment into a piece of resonating music. ‘Somebody Just Like You’ allows the listener to sit with the joy that comes with real love, the pain that comes with losing it, and the hope of finding it again some day.

To both artists, ‘Somebody Just Like You’ is a release of emotions that often only music can inspire. McGrane describes how writing the song during a rocky relationship of his own really hit home and allowed buried feelings to come pouring out. Agnew talks about how the song goes out to all those who have felt love and pain, and hopes the listening experience can act as a safe place tocry it out.” 

Though Agnew and McGrane have worked alongside one another on various musical projects throughout the years, ‘Somebody Just Like You’ is their first official original release. It will come accompanied by a raw and atmospheric music video filmed by BadBear Visuals at Jealoustown Studios, also to be released on October 22nd, 2021.

Brian McGrane is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the small Irish town of Navan. From leading the church choir at age 7 to forming his own rock band at age 12, McGrane has been a music enthusiast and performer for most of his life. At age 22 McGrane was handpicked to tour with and sing backing vocals for the internationally-renowned Celtic Woman, an experience which allowed him to work on his craft while making valuable worldwide connections. He has done countless original shows, landed a place on SPIN 103.8’s ‘One To Watch’ with Sarina Belissimo, and supported Tom Walker at the Kinsale Shark Awards in 2019. He has produced songs for Connie Talbot (Britain’s Got Talent) and Chloë Agnew (Celtic Woman) among others, while his own music has been (and continues to be) widely streamed in Ireland, the States, and beyond. In this challenging new climate McGrane continues to write, produce, and perform quality music. 

Daughter of entertainer Adéle “Twink” King and Irish oboist David Agnew, Chloë Agnew was born in Dublin into a life of acting, singing, and dancing. She made her first TV appearance at the age of 4, and enjoyed early success from the age of 14 as an integral part of world-class performing collective Celtic Women. Since then she has performed all around the globe, both as a solo artist and alongside some incredible collaborators (Chicago, John Driscoll Hopkins, Ryan Silverman) and organizations (Guinness Book of Records, Military Tattoo Festival, Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish). Chloë has also had the honor of performing for three consecutive US presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama). Chloë is a part of Ireland’s newest creative platform ‘The X Collective’, alongside some of Ireland’s best industry creatives and performers. She is currently working on a series of solo projects and collaborations.

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