Brand New Video and Single from Paul Casey

July 6, 2021

‘Wide Open Road’, the new single from Paul Casey is set to hit all digital platforms this Saturday, 10 July in a brilliant contemporary throwback to the 80s! The songwriting sounds straight out of 1985, along with pristine production from Casey’s state-of-the-art Cable Junction Studio.

Traffic stopped and crowds gathered on a country road in Donegal’s Mamore Gap on a sunny day in June, as guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul Casey – complete with DMC DeLorean! – filmed and directed the video for his new single ‘Wide Open Road’. The video was released on July 3 –  the same day as the cinema release in 1985 of the iconic Back To The Future.

The video is an intriguing plutonium-packed homage to the classic movie. It opens with Casey recreating the Back To The Future opening scene, Derry-style. The film-obsessed musician nails the 80’s detail, while bringing a measure of fun to proceedings.

Always keen to feature his supporting musicians – watch his version of In The Days Before Rock ‘N’ Roll, featuring Terri Hooley and friends, as part of Hot Press’ Rave On Van Morrison! – Casey brings his supporting cast right into the action. Along with renowned drummer Liam Bradley, we see the brilliant John McCullough on synths while Lauren Doherty turns on her 80’s chic with deftly delivered lines.

In 2005, Casey supported Huey Lewis and The News, whose songs famously formed the musical backdrop to Back To The Future. Paul has always been grateful to Huey (who also had a cameo in the movie) for the interest he showed at the time: “After my set, Huey came looking for me and we chatted for ages. He was so cool and very generous with his time and advice. I tend to see the word through an 80’s lens – and usually it’s a film lens, so it meant a lot. And it blew my mind that he wanted to buy my album afterwards!”

Paul Casey’s ‘Wide Open Road’ is released on all digital platforms on Saturday, July 10.

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