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‘Battle Wounds’ New Single by Podge Lane Out Now

October 17, 2022

Podge Lane announces new single ‘Battle Wounds’, out October 14th.

Brimming with the customary instrumentation of country and rockabilly stylings, Podge Lane’s ‘Battle Wounds’ swells with his distinctive flair for comedic relief in a not-so-comedic setting. ‘Battle Wounds’, set for release on October 14th 2022, is the second single off of Lane’s sophomore album, “Common Country Misconceptions” which is due for release via his independent label, Teip Records in early 2023.

Set amongst a sonic backdrop somewhere between Buddy Holly and Old Crow Medicine Show, Podge interjects, “I’m not saying that I’m perfect, oh nobody is, but these one sided conversations are bringing me to tears.” Boisterous instrumentation can’t hide the glaring honesty of Lane’s lyrical critique of “sharing is caring.” Talk about your thoughts, open up to those you trust, seek the support of others, while also in turn, be that same shoulder for someone to lean on rather than the automatic door that disappears just as someone stands in front of you.

Lane shares, “It’s a song about those millions of times you’ve sat somewhere and someone empties every thought they’re having without asking anything about you. It’s poking fun at the idea that someone is “always there for you” when they never really are. And the fact that at any moment you could be doing that exact same thing to someone else.”

Building on the success of his debut album launch for ’Outer Monologues’ (2021) in Winthrop Avenue, Lane showcases his “feel-good energy and vibrant instrumentation with painfully honest lyrics” (Hot Press Magazine) for audiences attending his 2022 Irish and UK tour and with the release of his 2022 single ‘Paradise’. Performing before enrapt crowds as support for Charlie Parr, Tootawl and The Brother Brother, Lane also arrived onto the London music scene in Lion Records.

With “Common Country Misconceptions” around the corner, “Battle Wounds” marks an exciting new era for Podge Lane and hints towards what’s to come for 2023.

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