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Badhands Announces Second Album ‘Far Away’ and Shares Single ‘Wasted’

January 21, 2022

Badhands announces the release of new album, ‘Far Away’, (1st April 2022) with new single, ‘Wasted’, out today, 21st January 2022.

Reflecting on a two-year struggle with feelings of isolation and detachment, award-winning composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Badhands is back with a brand new single, ‘Wasted’, released today Friday, 21st January 2022.

‘Wasted’ is the second single from Badhands’ upcoming album, Far Away, which is scheduled for release on Friday, 1st April 2022.

Driven by a steady drum beat and droning bass, ‘Wasted’ beautifully illustrates Badhands’ raw sense of vulnerability,  vibrancy and a willingness to explore themes of sorrow and self-doubt, all the while embracing his upbeat and optimistic instrumental stylings.

Dubliner Daniel Fitzpatrick, A.K.A. Badhands, has spent the past number years composing scores for wildlife documentaries in collaboration with some of the world’s largest TV organisations, including the BBC, PBS and RTÉ. In 2019, his score for the Wild Cuba documentary won an award at the prestigious Jackson Wild Film Festival in the U.S. in 2019, as well as winning Best Score at the 2021 Green Screen Wildlife Festival in Germany.

Badhands says of ‘Wasted’: “This song was written in January 2021 and describes the isolation I was experiencing at the time, exploring themes of escapism and detachment, as well as disillusionment with a career path that seemed more than ever to be an unsustainable one. The downbeat nature of the lyrics, though, are counterbalanced by the upbeat nature of the music, injecting life and some optimism into the song, which adds a bit of lightheartedness to all the self-pity in the lyrics!”

Far Away will follow the release of Badhands’ acclaimed 2018 debut album Predictable Boy. In 2020, Badhands produced and released a five-track EP Oceans, which was inspired by the unique nature of each of the world’s five oceans.


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