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Artist Lee Hayes Set to Release New Single ‘Limelight’

July 29, 2022

Lee Hayes, a musician from Dublin, Ireland, is making leaps with her music. She has been keen on music since she was a child. To her, music is a way to escape the reality of this world, she has felt very drawn to music since a really young age. Her inspirations are Taylor Swift, Fletcher, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and MUNA. She aspires to perform at their level one day.

After her success with her first single, ‘Have A Dance On Me’, Lee worked with the two producers based in London, Jack Buster Weston, and Archie Norris who worked on “Have A Dance On Me” back in November 2021.  Since the release, Lee has been playing around Dublin, performing her original music and even getting requests for her songs.

Lee releases her new single “Limelight” on Friday 29th July. She hopes to continue the indie-pop genre as she believes that there are no limited boundaries within this genre and one just can’t go wrong with it. Hence why her new single has a catchy melody that listeners could enjoy and chill to. 

Lee says she would be lost without music and that was the reason why she was drawn to it from such a tender age. 

Social Media:

Instagram: leehayesmusic

Tiktok: leehayesmusic

Facebook: Lee Hayes Music

YouTube: Lee Hayes Music

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