Another Love Story Presents The Lockdown Love In

May 1, 2020

Another Love Story goes online this very weekend to bring a full day and night of ALS vibes straight from the heart of the festival and direct into your homes.

“Along with everyone else – we’ve been wringing our hands, furrowing our brows, and crunching the possibilities of what may or may not be this year – but it’s time for a little check out of CoronaVille, and to get back to what we do best.”

The Lockdown Love In hosts a full programme set across a virtual Ballroom and of course, the festival’s beloved Shift Shack – streaming live from the artists homes and studios and broadcasting live on the ALS website (and also on FB and Twitch), running from noon to midnight on Saturday May 2nd.


THE BALLROOM (Streaming from ALS Website & Facebook)

13.00 : A Lunchtime Story with Siobhan Kane (YHRF)
14.00 : Spoken Word with Erin Fornoff
15.00 : Sudden Wells
16.00 : Robert John Ardiff
17.00 : Anna Mieke
18:00 : I Have A Tribe
19:00 : Rachael Lavelle
20:00 : David Kitt
21:00 : Wastefellow

THE SHIFT SHACK (Streaming on ALS Website & Twitch)

18:00 : Heaps Keen
19:00 : Will Dempsey (Hang Dai Chinese)
20:00 : Lil Dave
21:00 : Andrew Kearney
22:00 : Sara Miller
23:00 : Neil Flynn

Organisers are very gently asking viewers for donations which will be shared amongst the artists, and also they will make a donation to Dublin Simon Community from the proceeds.

Donations will be linked on streams, but you can also go to:


“These continue to be momentous and unsettling times, but we hope this day gives us a chance to live some of the spirit of Another Love Story together – to bolster us in the face off all that is going on, and to remember that music, and community still abound in these difficult times. Huge Love, ALS x”

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