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Annette Joy Releases Charity Single ‘Fly Far Away’ in Aid Of EPIC Empowering People In Care

December 3, 2021

Annette Joy has released a charity single ‘Fly Away Home’, with all proceeds going to EPIC Empowering People In Care

Speaking of the single, Annette says;

“Would you agree that Christmas is all about children, magic, hope and wonder?

Will you remember the 796 Tuam babies and all the Forgotten Children of Ireland this Christmas?

‘EPIC’ EMPOWERING PEOPLE IN CARE charity will benefit 100 percent from all proceeds of ‘Fly Far Away’

By downloading ‘Fly Far Away’ for as little as 99cent you can help keep the memory of Ireland’s Forgotten Children alive this Christmas.

Not only that ….If enough people download ‘Fly Far Away’it will enter the charts, be playlisted, then played on every radio station in the country.

I truly believe the people of Ireland are as horrified as I am at the atrocity of Ireland’s mother and baby ‘homes’ and of all Institutional abuse suffered by the Forgotten Children of Ireland.

By downloading ‘Fly Far Away’ the people of Ireland can show support and solidarity for all the Forgotten Children who deserve to be remembered… especially at Christmas time.

‘Fly Far Away’ a song written for the 796 Tuam babies who remain in a disused sewage tank in Tuam, and the 9000 children who died in these ‘homes’.

Catherine Corless’s relentless courage and determination brought this atrocity to light…let’s keep the babies memory alive this Christmas.

For every child who was in an Industrial school, for every girl and woman who entered a Magdalene Laundry. For every child who was born in a Mother and Baby’ home’.

We as a nation can unite and show our support so that those who were forgotten will never be forgotten again.

Christmas No 1 for the Forgotten Children of Ireland,

Will you help keep their memory alive this Christmas?

Go raimh maith agaibh, Nollaig Shona Daoibh”

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