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Anna Carmody Set to Release Debut Album ‘I’m the Fool’

July 6, 2022

The 28 year old singer-songwriter from Offaly has been making waves on the music scene since only penning her first-ever song in December 2019. Compared to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse, Anna has already turned some notable heads.

“I was powerfully struck by her astonishing range, and the way she weaves between a near-whisper and a wavering, throaty vibrato” – Tanis Smither of Hot Press

“Offering up a slice of irresistible indie-pop and always wearing her heart on her sleeve, Anna’s gentle sonic brand is both perfectly charming and endlessly thought-provoking.” – Right Chord Music

Anna played on the Hot Press lockdown sessions in 2020 and was recently chosen as 1 of 5 local heroes for Midlands 103 as part of Irish Music Month with Hot Press. Since then, she has played mainstage at The Workmans, headlined the Town Hall Theatre, Galway and recently returned to the Town Hall to support Brad Heidii.

Anna’s distinct sound has become more established during the creation of the album. She describes ‘I’m the Fool’ as a collection of stories from a darker period of her life. “I moved home to Offaly at the start of the pandemic, the peacefulness of the countryside and time spent in lockdown almost forced me to reflect on past events and people, I’d only just written my first song that December before I moved home and this is when I wrote the majority of the album so some of the tracks come across as dark and haunting. I’m a fan of tarot cards and they helped me during that darker period. It seemed fitting to theme my album around tarot cards.”

‘I’m the Fool’ title tracks the album, a song filled with emotion and regret, yet the fool has a dual meaning – in tarot, it is an entrepreneurial person who is not afraid to take risks and follow their dreams – The album dramatically introduces the concept of the fool with an eerie dissonant electronic mix combined with Anna’s spoken word which sets the scene for the following tracks in the album. Anna poses as the fool tarot card on the album cover with her dog Poppy who was her loyal first listener during the writing process. ‘I’m the Fool’ is an album that documents a specific chapter of Anna’s story, one that many can relate to through Anna’s willingness to be honest through her lyrics and emotional in her delivery of them.

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