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amy michelle Shares New Single ‘the way i make things feel okay’

February 4, 2022

amy michelle has shared her second track, ‘the way i make things feel okay’. Having introduced herself late last year with first single ‘the bottom of the well’ to much acclaim, amy michelle’s debut EP is due out this spring on Method Records.

On this intimate follow up, ‘the way i make things feel okay’, amy explains,

“it came out of the first lockdown as a result of loss, insomnia, anger, confusion and self-deprecation. I was picking my brain apart reminiscing on what if’s, having fake arguments with the wall and trying to make sense of the end of the world. As most of us were, I was forced to spend a lot of time reflecting and re-evaluating my relationships, past and present, accepting things for the way they were, and accepting I couldn’t fix anyone who I wanted to fix. The outro here is one of my favourite moments on the EP. Sonically, it was the perfect minimalistic extreme I was trying to create, and a perfect reflection of what I was feeling; everything and nothing at the same time.”

A mystifying and introspective deep dive into her world; the otherworld that she exists in. Languishing and gently driving to a conclusion in equal measure, the song strives to make sense of complex emotions and opens with an audio cut from the 1944 movie ‘Gaslight’ starring Ingrid Bergman in which her character’s husband dedicates his days to making his wife feel like she’s going insane.

A remarkable new talent (even in times of numbness), amy michelle appears as inspired by the rawly honest songwriting and lo-fi production of Elliott Smith or Clairo as she does the communal, cathartic spirit of “my main crutch”, The 1975. The youngest of three, she was born and raised in Mullingar, a small town in the midlands of Ireland. Watching her Dad play trad music, amy was inspired to learn to play guitar, and from her granny’s eye-catching style, she developed her own striking interest in fashion and beauty. It’s this colourful, claustrophobic and deeply contemporary world that amy introduced on debut single, ‘the bottom of the well’: a bedroom-made portrait of fear and entrapment, as delivered by a fiercely independent young woman clearly intent on climbing her way up and out.

In 2022, amy michelle looks poised to join the incredible and diverse new wave of Irish music primed for the world’s stage. Her debut EP, to be announced soon, tackles big questions –  mortality, faith, mental health, the existential – with her own intimate, Gen Z touch. ‘the way I make things feel okay’ is an elegant and ultimately hopeful hand out for listeners to do the same, and for an exciting new artist like amy michelle, perhaps less the end of the world than the beginnings of a new one.


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