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ALL THE BRAVE HUNTERS shares debut EP ‘PAINTED GLASS’ and Tour Dates

April 6, 2023

All The Brave Hunters is the artist name of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alain McFadden. A current member of award-winning folk group Ye Vagabonds, this EP ‘Painted Glass’, out now April 5th, is his debut solo release.

Recorded in the hills of West Cork and inner-city Dublin, Galway artist Alain McFadden collaborated with producer and colleague Brían Mac Gloinn (Vocals, Bouzouki, Harmonium, Fiddle) of Ye Vagabonds, Elva Carroll (Vocals) and Nick Rayner (who previous work includes records by Ye Vagabonds, Talos, Saint Sister, Anna Mieke), to help develop and bring these 5 original songs into being.

The musical arrangements of these songs were inspired by certain elements found within folk, Indie, and traditional music. Including three-part harmonies, percussion, stringed acoustic instruments such as fiddles, bouzoukis, and guitars as well as drones from a Prophet synth and an Indian Harmonium.

Speaking of the EP, McFadden says:

‘’This collection of songs was inspired by an idea I had, that within every heart there was a painted glass window. You could look through, but you would never fully know all the warmth inside, only the reflection of the Painted Glass. Thinking how the light shines through this and what you let in, a theme started to emerge while writing these songs. A feeling of warmth and rising from the darkness to keep cold frosting outside.

Whether individually or collectively, these songs explore experiences of love and loss juxtaposed with the cyclical nature of darkness to light. Sonically for this record, I wanted to convey the feeling of us all coming together, playing, and singing in the one room where all our subtle noises and scrapes help reinforce the insular feeling of togetherness.’’


19th April – Prim’s Bookshop, Kinsale

26th May – An Taibhdhearc, Galway (presented by The Black Gate)

28th May – Levis’ Ballydehob, West Cork

+ more to be announced

‘Painted Glass’ EP is out now, April 5th 2023. For more, visit: https://linktr.ee/allthebravehunters

Bandcamp: https://bandcamp.com/allthebravehunters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allthebravehunters

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allthebravehunters/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBraveHunters

Website: https://www.allthebravehunters.com/

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