Aimée Shares Stunning Video For Latest Single ‘Naked’

July 28, 2020

Today, Aimée shares the official video for latest single ‘Naked’. Featuring the Dublin singer’s family, friends, followers and fans – the video, shot entirely at home, is set to impact and inspire.

Of this video, Aimée says:

“The message behind my single ‘Naked’ is about finding somebody that loves you for all of the things you are trying to hide. About finding the confidence to be vulnerable and to break down your barriers. And so, the concept of the video is to show these vulnerabilities, flaws, and to show that there is true beauty in doing so.”

During the unexpected lockdown, a time where daily challenges and worries were amplified, Aimée wanted to create a video to reassure her following that they were not alone in feeling less confident and more insecure.

“I decided to create a video that speaks to every single person that feels this way. To let them know they are not alone and they should feel beautiful just as they are. Take away the makeup, take away the layers and love yourself … completely ‘Naked’!”

In the hopes to inspire others to accept their own insecurities and to love their flaws, Aimée invited her online following to be part of the video – which was shot at home by each individual.

“I asked for them to send me videos of themselves talking about their vulnerabilities and sharing their insecurities. I was not expecting the response, I was blown away.

I then sent them all a tutorial on how to shoot their shots, talking them through how to do it from home. What they sent back to me literally blew me away. It exceeded all of my expectations. Hearing people’s stories and seeing all of their beautiful faces inspired me in a whole new way.”

The end result now features 20+ incredibly brave and beautiful people who are sharing their stories with the world.

‘Naked’ is the final single to be taken from Aimée’s debut EP ‘Confession’ which jumped to the #1 spot in the iTunes Pop Album Chart while also reaching#1 in the overall iTunes Album Chart. ‘Confession’ featured pop bangers such as ‘What My Mamma Gave Me’, beautiful ballads like ‘I’m OK’ as well as the top 30 Irish radio hit, ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’, a pop anthem that received global radio support with numerous stations including The Dominican Republic, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Nambia, Spain, Switzerland, and 125 stations across the UK.

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