1000 Beasts Shares ‘Le Marais’

June 12, 2020

1000 Beasts is an electronic producer & musician coming from Cork City, who focuses on collaborations and creativity in all his works. Starting off producing electronic pop songs in 2017, he got a strong press support on his works back then, especially thanks to his frequent plays on important radio stations such as Today FM, 2FM, CoolFM (NI) and even BBC Radio 1, including a RTE Studio 8 live session with Jenny Greene on 2FM. 

He emerges with both a debut double EP whose tracks are being progressively released in 2020, drawing influences from artists such as Mr Jukes, Tom Misch, Flume & Kaytranada, and a hi-tech live show that combines live looping, triggering and sampling with live vocals leading to a very different kind of performance from what people are used to see on the Irish scene. 

‘Le Marais’ was produced by 1000 Beasts in the middle of the night in an apartment just off the Rue De Rivoli in Paris during a short break in the city in late 2018. The vibe was chill, and the track, which closes out his upcoming EP, marks the most lo-fi and downbeat beat piece the artist has re- leased to date.

1000 Beasts took that beat back to Ireland and collaborated with young Dublin born, but London based, artist Kayleigh Noble. The majority of the song was written across voice memo’s on WhatsApp, bouncing different ideas, melodies and lyrics between them so that when the duo met up to record the following month, the whole track was nearly written. The track is the first in a series of collaborations between Noble & 1000 Beasts and sets a precedent for repeated collaborations which are with other artists such as Lenii & Alex Tierney who have featured on 1000 Beasts’ debut EP. 

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