Weekend Special Release Second Single ‘Remember The Good Times’

September 18, 2018

New Irish supergroup, Weekend Special are back with their second single from the acclaimed 2018 album ‘In The Heart Of The Castle’. Having garnered praise from the press and public alike, with Roddie Cleere of KCLR stating: “From the first song to the last, the listener is drawn in and captivated. Tasty, enticing, luscious, ‘In The Heart of a Castle’ from Weekend Special is a joy and the best in its genre so far this year”

The group are back with another excellent tune, this time an upbeat number with a summery feel, while touching on the poignant topic of coming to terms with the loss of someone close.

Can we be contacted by the dead? Can we console ourselves in times of grief with the thought that death does not mean extinction?

In the movie “Ghost Town”, Ricky Gervais plays a sour dentist in Manhattan who – as the result of a mishap when receiving a local anaesthetic – suffers a near-death experience and acquires an unwanted and unusual talent. He can see and talk to the ghosts that haunt the city. These ghosts, condemned to live in limbo before “moving on”, latch on to Gervais, hoping he can help them find closure.

In Neil Jordan’s novel, “The Drowned Detective”, one of the storylines deals with the rescue by the hero of a woman (Petra) who falls into the river near the distinctive city bridge. Petra turns out eventually to be a ghost even though so many of the places and events that touch her life seem so tangible and real.

The new Weekend Special single, ‘Remember The Good Times’, speaks to similar themes. A single mum dies in Peru in 2013. As the months pass, there is something very striking about the state of mind of her friends and family. They behave as if she is a living presence. Some speak of regular dreams where she “visits” and speaks to them. Her mother sees her on a bus journey into the city.

Another friend comments: “Our loved ones are still here as a vivid presence: we keep them alive by means of our memories of the good times”. This conscious decision to keep a loved one alive by speaking of her in everyday conversation and refusing to let her go demonstrates a profound understanding of death and loss. In the song, “Remember The Good Times”, composer Seán Silke uses the device of having the “dead” person sing the lyrics, communicating a message of love and hope from the “other side”.

‘Remember The Good Times’ is available now, along with the rest of the Weekend Special Album ‘In The Heart of the Castle’, on all major online stores and streaming services.

Website: http://www.weekendspecial.ie/


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