SomeRiseSomeFall Announce Album in Aid of Aware Ireland

February 16, 2021

SomeRiseSomeFall is an independent community of Irish songwriters, musicians and creatives. The new album ‘No Simple Highway’ is released 26th February in aid of of Aware Ireland, supporting those affected by anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or a mood related condition.

Lead by project director Michael Fitzgerald, the ever evolving collective brings together artists and vocalists such as John Blek, Rowan, Anna Mitchell, Kevin Herron, Marlene Enright and a large cast of musicians with producer Brian Casey, videographer Allie Glynn and artist Riona Ni Riagain, all with the aim to interpret & reimagine songs for this unique new release.

The album ‘No Simple Highway’ pairs carefully selected songs and performers for new interpretations and recordings of songs written by the likes of Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter, Joanna Newsom, Beth Gibbons, Jimmy Lafave, Eilen Jewell, Country Joe McDonald. Roy Wood, Greg Trooper, David Ball, Jackson C Frank, Eliza Carthy and The Milk Carton Kids.

Michael Fitzgerald (FITZZ Records) established the SomeRiseSomeFall collective to highlight the transformative powers of music and collaboration. FITZZ Records funds community projects with all proceeds going towards assisting organisations to help those facing mental health and other challenges.

“This album was created with some of Ireland’s finest young talents. My gratitude to all involved for bringing their creativity and heart to re-inspire and find their new songs within the originals and mine the emotion to create empathetic and moving musical and artistic statements on loss, grief and love.”– Michael Fitzgerald.

With their previous single releases SomeRiseSomeFall has received great local, national and international airplays and reviews with each release highlighting a different featured artist, giving a unique voice and perspective to the project.

Being part of the SomeRiseSomeFall project was an uplifting experience. A chance to create with a great sense of positivity amongst a collective of gifted artists.” – John Blek.

“The collective worked together to create something beautiful, with the aim of highlighting certain tough subject matters that often get overlooked in today’s society.” – Anna Mitchell.

Project Director Michael worked closely with each artist on their track selections to develop a theme on the album that is interwoven philosophically, while encouraging the freedom for the musicians to reimagine and evolve these songs with producer Brian Casey (Wavefield Recordings) providing a cohesive sonic texture throughout.

“Michael’s initiative with this album  really inspired us to delve deeper into our contribution and try our best to match his goal of focusing on the good in the world.” – Rowan.

“It was a privilege to record these songs for such a good cause and with some of Ireland’s finest musicians.” – Kevin Herron.

 ‘No Simple Highway’ is a collection of reinspired songs about loss and grief, but what shines through is a celebration of beauty and joy.  These poignant recordings, recorded before the onset of Covid, resonate even more in these difficult times and provide a defiant statement of love in the face of loss.

SomeRiseSomeFall : Website  |  Facebook  | Twitter  |  YouTube | Spotify | Bandcamp

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