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RuthAnne Releases New EP ‘ The Way I Love You’

August 30, 2021

Award winning songwriter and singer RuthAnne releases her incredible brand-new EP ‘The Way I Love You’. The EP includes previous singles ‘Safe Place’ as well the subsequently successful singles ‘F.L.Y’ and ‘Remember This’ plus three new exceptional new tracks.

The sheer variety of genres and styles that RuthAnne incorporates into this intoxicating EP showcases her talent as strong soulful vocalist and unmatched singer-songwriter whose credits include co-writing hits for Niall Horan (‘Slow Hands’), Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha (‘In the Name Of Love’), Britney Spears (‘Work Bitch’) and JoJo (‘Too Little Too Late’) Along with an upcoming new song that will be featured on the Diana Ross upcoming album. RuthAnne has also received praise from mainstream and tastemaker publications such as The Independent, New York Times, Paper Magazine, The Times, Billboard, Official Charts, Wonderland, Complex, DIY and CLASH.

This EP is a whole new chapter in RuthAnne’s personal and professional career something which is really reflected in the new music. From growing up in Ireland to moving to the metropolis of Los Angeles in her early 20’s to pursue a career in songwriting, RuthAnne experienced many major ups and downs which eventually lead her to returning to Europe and finding her home in London and Ireland. Another exiting development in RuthAnne’s life is meeting her partner and going through the miraculous journey of pregnancy and motherhood which she comments on in her track ‘Heaven On Earth’.

This song is just the purest love song, I never thought I would find a love like this. I used to write songs about the love I wanted to find but had never really experienced but this song and this lyric sums up exactly how it feels when you find your person.”

RuthAnne’s journey and experiences in the life and in the industry have allowed for her to evolve into a strong, independent woman; finally stepping back from being the writer behind the hits to an all-encompassing recording artist with an unforgettable and timeless sound.

RuthAnne comments on her lead track ‘The Way I Love You’ – “This song is really me saying goodbye to toxic people or people who didn’t treat me right in my life, dream killers, bad energy suckers, fuck boys. Stepping fully into my womanhood, feeling strong, empowered, and getting back into the driving seat of my own life. I have at times been naïve and vulnerable in friendships and relationships and have let people take advantage of this unconditional love I used give out to people and I had some toxic situations I needed to clear out. But it’s not always easy to let go when your entangled, so I would always hold on and let the other person make these decisions of whether they liked me or loved me or wanted me but the truth is when I thought about it and really thought about it….I didn’t like them, I didn’t love them and I didn’t want them and that realisation was so freeing and the power that you feel when you finally just make the decision to clear people who aren’t treating you right from your life and walk away from energy that isn’t serving you is honestly life changing. This song is the anthem for that.”

RuthAnne has previously supported some big names on their respective tours including Alanis Morrissette, Niall Horan, Third Story, X Ambassadors, Hozier and Keywest. This year she is jumping straight back into live music after the disruptive global pandemic. An upcoming headline show on September 9th supporting the multi- platinum hit maker JP Cooper at (110 WARDOUR ST.) will see RuthAnne debuting this latest EP on the stage once again! Tickets on sale now.


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