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New Single from Chris Kabs ‘Moon’

October 12, 2021

Dublin based producer and artist Chris Kabs has an impressive track record with work featured on FIFA 20 and “Normal People” and will continue to add to his following with the release of new single ‘Moon’ on October 22, 2021. ‘Moon’ is the first single from Chris Kabs off his upcoming album and positions him as an artist to watch for 2022.

The smooth RnB single  ‘Moon’ follows the desire to reform and even transcend a breakup and sees Chris blend the futuristic sensibilities of the late 90’s/early 2000’s with the laid back production from the likes of Drake. Of the single Chris says, “the moon represents a new beginning where anything is possible”. ‘Moon’ was co-written with long time close friend & business partner JyllowL and composed & produced by Chris Kabs.

Having grown up in Sweden Chris moved to Ireland 17 years ago. Drawing influence from the likes of Labrinth, Wyclef Jean and Drake, Chris’ work showcases his unique blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop and Afrobeat – a dynamic style is attributes to his time spent living in France and the Ivory Coast. The multi-talented artist speaks English, Swedish, French and Lingala, and has written music in three of those languages.

Most recently, Chris has worked with Irish rapper Jyellowl as producer on the singles ‘Ozone’, which was featured on the FIFA 20 soundtrack, and ‘Oh Lawd’ that was featured on the BBC series “Normal People”. Chris Kabs’ time, creativity, and fearless imagination for individual sound has allowed both his vocal and production style to develop to create such unique music. This dedication and passion for his sound has driven Chris to create diverse work that appeals to a wide audience. As an artist Chris has performed at Hard Working Class Heroes and Longitude.

Chris has been building his profile as an artist since 2016 with the release of singles ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’, ‘I Wanna Love You ‘, and ‘Space’. After leaving his job to pursue music full time things began to ramp up in 2020 with the release of a string of singles including ‘Loyalty’, ‘Sun Gon’ Shine’, ‘Jealously (Broke Us Up), ‘Around The World’, ‘Fly Away, and ‘Your Ex’. In June 2020, Chris also penned a tribute track for the Black Lives Matter movement titled ‘No Justice No Peace’ inspired by the popular protest chant. ‘More Than a Number’ released in 2021 was written to honour the victims of police brutality.

‘Moon’ is out October 22, 2021.

Twitter: @chriskabs




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