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Elina Filice Returns With New Single ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’

April 1, 2022
Elina Filice

Written and recorded in her home studio and co-produced by Viscos, Elina Filice returns with new single ‘Don’t let me fall’.

The song’s pulsating manic driving energy examines the tandem downward spiral of tangled mental health, and the terrifying pressure of someone begging you to save them.

Elina says, “We’ve all been in the situation or know someone who’s been in a relationship or friendship where someone is relying on you for their stability. It’s incredibly scary being stuck in a dark tango with someone who you care for but are unable to help’

In her signature genre-defying fashion, the song features funky guitar licks layered over an infectious beat, complete with an anthemic hook. 

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