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Brian Corbett Releases Video For New Single ‘Wonder’

June 17, 2022
Brian Corbett

Galwegian Brian Corbett has released the video for his brand new single ‘Wonder’, which is out now across all digital platforms.

Speaking of the video Brian Corbett said: “It’s my first ever music video I’ve ever shot. There was a vision there the minute we finished the song and heard it back, like shooting the video at night inside the car which allowed us to do some really nice atmospheric neon lighting and narrative imagery shots. There was some raw handheld footage interacting on a beach at sunset which gave a natural feel to it. I wanted it to be intimate so people can relate to both the song and the music video.  And now it’s happening, there is no greater feeling.

After moving across the Atlantic five years ago to live in Toronto, Brian Corbett found himself in a music scene he had never experienced before. He rubbed shoulders with a variety of artists and writers who instantly broadened his music and writing palette. After five years away from home he grew tired of city life and moved home to the deep wilderness of Connemara. Having left as a wishful teenager he returned as a focused musician with a voice that can be delicate when necessary but can roar a chorus as good as any vocalist on the island.

Since returning, the Galway artist has found his stride in writing and recording new songs that are now ready for the world to hear. Inspired by the closeness of the sea Brian Corbett reflects on teenage regrets in his soul baring folk anthem “Wonder”.

‘Wonder’ the brand new single from Brian Corbett is out now across all digital platforms.


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