Baba Shares Latest Video ‘Land Of The Damned’

November 29, 2018

Dublin singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch is delighted to announce the release of her new single ‘Land of the Damned’.  As the final song to be released from her recording sessions with producer Gavin Glass and following on from her last single, the fiery ‘I Defy’, ‘Land of the Damned’ looks inwards.

Although it’s not your typical love song, ‘Land of the Damned’ captures the essence of those disastrous relationships that you know are bad for you but you just can’t help yourself, as if you are under a spell.  “It was my first love,” says Lynch, explaining the background of the song,  “so I was full of hope and stupidity, completely naive and exhilarated all at the same time.

You both know it is a disaster,” she says, “that it is going to go nowhere and that there will be tears but somehow on a Friday night when you are just about to curl up with a good book, you make a phone call and ten minutes later you are in a taxi into town…

Deeply personal but universally relatable, ‘Land of the Damned’ is what happens when sense goes out the window and something else takes over.

‘Land of the Damned’ marks the end of a busy summer of festivals and gigs for Baba and she will be spending the next few months working on new material for her next EP.

The video for ‘Land Of The Damned’  was shot and directed by Dara McDonagh and Keith Pendred.

Land of the Damned was written by Siobhan Lynch and produced by Gavin Glass in Orphan Studios, Dublin 8.

Available to Download/Stream now on iTunes and Spotify
Twitter: @BabaLynchMusic

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