Waltons Music Celebrates 100 Years in Business

January 11, 2022

Very few companies in the world are fortunate enough to last 100 years.

Waltons Music is delighted to say that we will be joining the 100-year club and celebrating our centenary in business in 2022.

Founded in 1922, the same year as the Irish Free State, by Martin Walton, a veteran of the Easter Rising and War of Independence, Waltons Music has proudly been at the core of Irish Music and music in Ireland since our establishment.

For 100 years Waltons Music has been a mecca for Irish musicians both at home and for the Irish Diaspora around the world.

In addition to our retail music business, over the course of our history, Waltons Music has also manufactured musical instruments, from harps to tin whistles, recorded Irish music through our music label, published music books to teach Irish music and songs, run a sponsored radio programme of Irish music for over 30 years and run music schools that to this day educate many of Ireland’s musicians.

Not only is Waltons Music celebrating 100 years as an independently owned Irish company but is also celebrating 100 years as a family run business.

Niall Walton, third generation Managing Director says that “From listening to its founder Martin Walton and his son, my father, Patrick Walton to now watching my children, Waltons Music’s fourth generation as they work to service the music industry in Ireland to the best of their ability, it has been a privilege to have a bird’s eye view of the great developments in the music industry in Ireland”.

Additionally, he added that “We feel that the history of the company and its evolution reflects many of the changes that have occurred in the Irish state over the last 100 years and that we hope to have a place in its future for another few generations”.

To celebrate the achievement and their centenary Waltons Music will announcing a number of celebrations throughout 2022 through their social media and website.



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