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SCREEN COMPOSER ACADEMY – Online Summer Program for Film and Game Composers Announced

February 26, 2021

This online course, which takes place from July 9th – 26th 2021, presents an innovative and contemporary approach to educating and equipping composers for scoring the visual medium through lectures from industry professionals, one-to-one mentoring, musician workshops and live recording sessions.

The program is hosted by Emmy award-winning composer Richard Bellis and features guest lecturers; Garry Schyman (composer of the Bioshock game), Miriam Cutler (composer of the documentary RGB), Jeff Atmajian (orchestrator of the film Joker), and George Christopoulos from Oticons Film Music Agency. The two and a half week online course will consist of:

  • Daily lectures 10am ­– 4pm
  • Orchestration and instrumentation classes with musician workshops
  • Midi mock-ups, recording, mixing and one-to-one music technology mentoring
  • One-to-one review of scores with guest lecturers
  • A final hybrid (samples and live recording) orchestral composition to a Hollywood game or film cue with a 15 piece string ensemble recording session

This intensive program will present and provide learners with the practical, creative, conceptual ideas and fundamental techniques of successfully composing a score for the screen. It explores the workflows of the media composer, communicating narrative through music, working under budgetary constraints, contracts and music business, and producing professional portfolio works.

This program is the perfect starting point for musicians and composers who want to explore composing for film, game, TV and other visual media.

This is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring and early career composers to gain experience and knowledge from some of the best composers in the industry. Our course differs in that we aim to provide one-to-one tutoring and mentoring to students in addition to lectures to help meet their individual needs. Students will not only gain the skills necessary to score the visual medium, but also be guided in the music business and networking aspects of the profession. In addition to the learning experience, each composer will be introduced to the fundamentals of hybrid scores and leave with a professional portfolio piece.” Natasa Paulberg, Executive Director

Register here: www.screencomposeracademy.com

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