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Minding Creative Minds’ (MCM) June online Meet and Greet Session

June 3, 2021

Minding Creative Minds’ (MCM) in association with The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, EPIC Working GroupIrish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO), Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), MCD Productions & The Cowshed will hold its sixth online Meet and Greet Session for Ireland’s  creative community in Ireland and overseas on Monday June 21st at 7pm.  

This event is free of charge and registration is now open, just click this link;

Meet and Greet Sessions are chaired by Ann Marie Shields, Minding Creative Minds director and Head of Careers, Industry and Events at BIMM Institute and the aim of holding this monthly event is to share experiences and advice with each other, it also aids conversations with peers.  Some may want to tell their story, others may have questions and some may wish to simply attend as spectators, just to find out a little more about what MCM do. Meet and Greet Sessions are free of charge to attend and if you wish to offer feedback on the structure to any session MCM would love to hear from you. Contact

“It’s as important as ever to gather advice and receive insight on new opportunities that may come in the future as well as having a sense of belonging.  For some our Minding Creative Minds monthly online session, offers a needed connection during these times and depending on one’s location it might be their only connection to the community. Communication lines are opening further across the sector, friendships being forged and experiences being shared; a natural support structure has commenced.  A true positive in a backdrop of negativity and one which will remain in place even when the sector reopens and we are back touring, performing, creating and attending live events and so much more. It’s evident how this monthly meet up is becoming a joyful, positive and conversational place to go.  One request I have for all of us is that we continue to spread the word.”  Emma Olohan Sarramida, Minding Creative Minds Director and Director United Events Global, Lecturer, VP PR PWN Global Ngo. 

The monthly check in Zooms organised by Minding Creative Minds have been such a breath of fresh air during these extremely tough times for the creative industries. To join a gang of likeminded souls online for chats and advice has been a real help, and encouraged me to use the Minding Creative Minds helpline myself. Talking to an extremely supportive counsellor who listened to me and gave invaluable practical advice, completely turned around the way I’m dealing with this pandemic. I’d encourage anyone in our industries to avail of these amazing, free supports.” Noelle Fox

“Minding Creative Minds is a vital organisation that caters to and cares for the creators of Ireland and beyond. Inside or outside a pandemic, this organisation is the anchor for the artist, a personality historically known to experience turmoil.  In attending the meetings, I observe a caring and friendship and safety that is quite unique compared to other groups I’ve been part of.  I’m currently using the services of MCM to serve and help others whom I know need these services and I thank the nobility and dedication from MCM to us fellow artists, a service which will benefit Ireland a thousandfold.” Frank Gregg-Screen Actor

 “MCM check ins are proving to be a hugely valuable and insightful peak into the many varied issues we are all experiencing during these hard times. We see and get to hear the many different ways we have all been affected; from the financial, legal and mental health problems many of us are experiencing in our isolated lives we are seeing that a shared experience and safe space to voice our concerns and be heard as a community is proving to be a valued collective space.  And more so, going forward is a space we can all return to as a community to seek solace, comfort and unity.”  Rowan McDonagh, The Cowshed

“I became a music industry professional as I was attracted to the energy & connection between artists and their audiences. To be a small part of that connection has been electric at times. I miss it greatly.  MCM has created a space to explore that connection, with some of the many creative and technical people who have contributed to those experiences.”  Liam Coll

Minding Creative Minds is Ireland’s (32 county and Irish overseas) first 24/7 mental health and wellbeing support programme for the Irish Creative Sector and includes access to the following services.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Phone Line (Phone 1800 814 244) (Calling from NI – 0800 0903677)
  • Counselling Service (Short term intervention / Up to 6 Sessions)
  • Telephone Counselling 
  • Secure Video Counselling
  • Extensive Web Portal & App enabling live chat function with a counsellor

Minding Creative Minds services can also be contacted by texting ‘Hi’ to 087 369 0010 for SMS & WhatsApp Support (standard rate applies) with a qualified psychotherapist / counsellor.

In addition to the mental health support offered, Minding Creative Minds wishes to look at the whole individual resulting in the programme also offering access to a number of additional services structured to help users with various issues they may be experiencing.  These include;

  • Advice on practical, day-to-day issues that cause anxiety and stress
  • Legal Assistance for a range of issues
  • Financial Assistance & Consumer Advice
  • Career Guidance & Life Coaching
  • Support for Non-Irish Nationals & their families
  • Mediation for conflict resolution


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