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IMRO Welcomes Government Transposition of EU Copyright Directive into Law

November 22, 2021

The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) has welcomed the steps taken by the Government in transposing the EU’s Copyright Directive which will update Irish copyright law, to make it fit for purpose in a digital age.

The new law will strengthen the rights and protections afforded to various categories of copyright holders, when their work is shared online. It will provide for wider access and use of copyright protected works for the benefit of a broad range of stakeholders, including the creative sectors, press publishers, researchers, educators, cultural heritage institutions, and citizens.

The transposition of the Directive provides certainty that online platforms must take greater responsibility for the content they host and use best efforts to obtain a licence, pay fairer remuneration to creators  and remove unauthorised content.

Eleanor McEvoy, Chair of IMRO said;

“IMRO welcomes the news today of the transposition of the Copyright Directive into Irish law and thank those who were involved in making this happen. We were at the forefront for the adoption of the Copyright Directive and the transposition was a priority issue for IMRO in protecting the rights of Irish music creators, as it directly affects their rights and the day-to-day use of their work. I am delighted for our members – songwriters and publishers who work hard every day, and who share their output with the world to enjoy.”

Victor Finn, CEO of IMRO said;

“This is a historic day for Irish music and the broader Irish cultural sector. We thank those who have been supportive in recent years, for their determination in bringing this vital piece of legislation to fruition. Making digital platforms accountable for authors’ rights and remuneration of those who create works distributed online, demonstrates Ireland’s commitment to the value of creativity, as well as technology. We are delighted to see this step taken by the Irish Government, and also by our neighbours throughout the EU.”

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