IMRO Job Vacancy | Software Engineer

February 4, 2022

Application Process:  Applicant should send an email with CV to

Closing Date for Applications: 15th February 2022

Department:  IT

Reports to:  Information Systems Manager

Job Description

Opportunity to obtain a fresher position as a software engineer in a fast-paced organisation where modern cloud solutions, technical skills and creative thinking are useful in a fast paced environment in the music industry.


Working as part of the IT team, the candidate will develop software solutions to meet IMRO requirements through team and individual efforts.  Participates in the analysis and composition of requirements, design of architectural and component software features, design and implementation of system, design and implementation of test plan, and documentation and support of final product.

Should be able to adapt to new languages, methodologies, and platforms to meet the needs of the project/business.

We are a team of full stack engineers working on very interesting projects involving digital transformation, big data, machine learning and integration with modern cloud solutions hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Development and customization of solutions, Web Development, Business Intelligence solutions, SQL Server Reporting.  CRM Configuration and Workflow.  Develop applications written in multiple SW languages, using a mix of C#, Python, JavaScript and SQL Server as your primary toolset.  Initial duties may include reviewing code, scripting, writing documentation, and following test procedures.  Later duties will include responsibility for production of modern software components in Azure environments

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Good communication skills

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