IMRO Introduces Concertify®, A New Technology to Ensure Faster Payments for Music Creators

February 13, 2020

The Concertify® platform makes the reporting of international live concert performances more efficient for music industry stakeholders.

IMRO has introduced new technology, Concertify® by Mind Your Rights Ltd., which will help songwriters, composers and music publishers to receive royalties faster after live music concerts.

For the past six months, IMRO, along with other innovative affiliated societies has piloted Concertify®, a digital platform created by Mind Your Rights Ltd, a leading Finnish technology start-up company which specialises in the development of platforms for efficient and transparent cross-border music rights management.

The introduction of Concertify® will enhance IMRO’s international royalty administration services by ensuring greater efficiencies, transparency and cost savings for its songwriter, composer and publisher members worldwide.

Concertify® is a service and data platform that makes international live event reporting and communications faster, easier and more accurate. The platform simplifies data and the transfer of data between stakeholders including artists, event organisers, copyright societies, copyright owners and music publishers. The efficiencies gained through Concertify® ultimately achieve faster foreign royalty collection.

Mind Your Rights Ltd., the company behind Concertify®, aims to develop an efficient and transparent cross-border copyright licensing ecosystem. Mind Your Rights´ story has stemmed from a close co-operation with Teosto, a Finnish non-profit performance rights organization, and has since worked closely with key industry organisations and developed solutions on top of industry structures.

Speaking about the partnership, Sean Donegan, IMRO Commercial Director, Media Licensing, said “IMRO is pleased to be working with Concertify® to develop more efficient ways to expedite the payment of live concert royalties. At IMRO, our focus has always been on innovating to drive efficiencies for our members, affiliates, and partners. Concertify® has the potential to become an essential tool in the advancement of live music reporting, distribution and interaction within the entire royalty collection society network.” 

Roope Pajasmaa, chief executive, Mind Your Rights added, “We are excited to be working with IMRO, alongside other societies, to take concert copyright management to a new level. Concertify® offers societies new digital toolsets, contributing to IMRO´s data-driven and digitally innovative approach to rights management. Concertify®, when adopted by the industry, will allow all key information related to live concert copyright collections to be available to all the involved constituencies, including the home society, the licensing society, artist representatives, and publishers. Our mission is to support the rights management network to serve its customers better in the changing world.”

IMRO is now recognised as one of the leading performing right organisations in the world due to its proactive policies in such areas as frequency of royalty distributions, transparency of operations and as a driving force on initiatives at international level that champion and protect the rights of music creators. 

The Irish-based organisation directly represents the interests of a growing number of major music publishers. It has become a trusted partner for music creators who recognise that their interests are well served by an organisation that has royalty maximisation and creators’ rights at its core.

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