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Application Date Extended for Minding Creative Minds Fourth Mentorship Programme

October 28, 2022

The application date for Minding Creative Mind’s fourth mentorship programme has been extended until Saturday November 5th.  We hope this extension will facilitate those who wish to register for the programme, but are finding it difficult to find the time to do so on or before the original date of Monday next, October 31st.

Over the three programmes since the pilot programme one year ago, the initiative has delivered more than 460 mentorship sessions to over 90 mentees with a wide range of disciplines within the creative sector having been represented in these one-to-one sessions; Television, film, stage, song writing, publishing, the art of digital promotion and retail, event management, theatre, visual art, play writing, project management and many more.  While more than forty (40) industry mentors are employed as part of each programme, Universal Music Ireland has also put its support behind the programme.

Universal Music Ireland has been a funding-partner with Minding Creative Minds (MCM) since before the organization launched and earlier this year five if its senior Irish team members across varying disciplines offered their time as mentors in our spring 2022 programme.  Universal Music Ireland has confirmed its involvement and generous support of our fourth programme also in this very tangible manner.

Nick Younger, COO, Universal Music Ireland says; “We’re delighted to be supporting Dave and his team in their incredible work on Minding Creative Minds. Offering time as mentors felt like the natural next step for Universal Music Ireland so I’m delighted four of our senior team are joining the programme to help share their knowledge with those making their way in the industry.”

In the two years since its launch, Minding Creative Minds has delivered in the region of 1,600 hours of support with 65% being direct counselling supports and 35% accounting for advice support. Minding Creative Minds’ counselling services (in association with Spectrum Life) include: *a 24/7 Dedicated Phone Line; Short-term intervention, telephone Counselling, secure video counselling and comprehensive web portal and app enabling live chat function with a counsellor.  Further information can be sourced at mindingcreativeminds.ie

In developing our service since its launch, we also wanted to reach beyond our core services of portal support, wellbeing advice and consultation.  It is from this line of thinking we developed some other direct markers of support including our mentorship programme.

  • “To have facilitated 460+ sessions for 90 mentees since we commenced with our pilot programme in 2021 makes this ambitious programme, one of the most rewarding to date. We are looking forward to our fourth programme commencing; some wonderful applicants have already registered.” says Minding Creative Minds director and the mentorship programme co-ordinator, Emma Olohan Sarramida
  • Earlier this month, Minding Creative Minds announced an enhancement of its service to include specialist trauma and abuse counselling care. The announcement of this service enhancement was in collaboration with our creative partners at Screen Ireland, The Arts Council and Irish Theatre Institute as part of the Safe to Create and are very thankful to do so with the continued support of Minister Catherine Martin and her team at The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.
  • Minding Creative Minds holds a monthly online meet and greet session; The aim of this monthly event is, quite simply, to share experiences and advice with each other. To support each other.
  • Minding Creative Minds has hosted and organised numerous panel discussions within the creative sector including at Ireland Music Week, First Fortnight, RTE Choice Music Prize. The organisation has also hosted Masterclasses with Irish Theatre Institute, Screen Ireland, Improvised Music Company, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art & Design.

The initiative, which had been in planning since 2018 by Choice Music Prize co-founder, artist manager and psychotherapy graduate Dave Reid, was launched during the summer of 2020.  Initially, Minding Creative Minds services were open to the music sector only; including artists, artist managers, support staff and live music events staff, however, as a direct result of additional funding the organization’s services were opened up to the entire creative sector within six months of its launch; almost one year ahead of schedule.

Minding Creative Minds founder, Dave Reid says; “Our message is simple, with a few key guide markers; 1. Minding Creative Minds was established specifically for our creative sector, for its people, for our needs.  Regardless of your job in the sector; whether you are a stage performer or if you work in a support role; you are in the Irish Creative sector and our services are available to you.  2. We offer a wide range of support services from mental health support and counselling to advice on practical issues (legal, financial, life coaching, career advice, administrative questions around your business if you are self-employed and much more); our focus is to support the entire individual.  He continued, 3. It is hugely important to us that our colleagues and peers in our sector truly believe no issue is too trivialYou do not need to be in a crisis situation to contact us. You will hear us say and write this quite a lot!  If you have anything on your mind whatsoever, contact us and let us help you. Our services are free to the user and confidential.  So, if you have considered contacting us, but didn’t please follow through. We want to help.”

*The contact details for our enhanced service offering remain as they have been since our launch in June 2020.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Phone Line: Phone 1800 814 244 | Calling from NI / UK: 0800 0903677 | International:  00353 15180277

By texting ‘Hi’ to 087 369 0010 for SMS & WhatsApp Support (standard rate applies) with a qualified psychotherapist / counsellor.

The Minding Creative Minds programme includes access to a number of additional services to help users overcome various practical issues they may face*

  • Advice on practical, day-to-day issues that cause anxiety and stress.
  • Legal Assistance – Consultation with Irish solicitors including those specialised in family law matters, property conveyancing and criminal law.
  • Financial Assistance & Consumer Assistance – Consultation with qualified financial advisors who can offer advice on household budgeting, borrowing/debt management, retirement planning, saving & investments.
  • Career Guidance & Life Coaching – Access a panel of career coach specialists for career guidance.
  • Support for non-Irish nationals & their families – helping to make the transition into the Irish system as smooth as possible.
  • Mediation Services – Help with disputes in the workplace, or issues related to family business, defective goods & services, building & construction.

*When registered you are entitled to 30mins free advice per topic.  If you need financial assistance but in a couple of different areas, you are entitled to 30mins advice on each.  For example; Taxation (30mins), Mortgage enquiry (30mins) etc.

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