Sounding the Feminists (STF) | Public Meeting | 13th Sept

August 31, 2017

Sounding the Feminists (STF) is an Irish-based collective of composers, sound artists, performers, musicologists, educators, students, critics, promoters, industry professionals, organisations, and individuals committed to promoting and publicising the creative work of female musicians. STF champions the principles of equality, fairness, inclusivity, and diversity.  STF affirm the need to take conscious steps to ensure that these principles inform Irish musical life. STF want audiences to hear the voices of those who continue to be marginalised due to their sex, gender identity, sexuality, race, and class.

Public Meeting: Wednesday Sept. 13th
Time: 5:30 – 7pm
Location: IMRO, Copyright House, Pembroke Row, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

STF recognises that contemporary attitudes, policies, and practices towards music and gender are often built on institutions and traditions that resist change. In solidarity with ground-breaking sister movements such as Waking the Feminists, the STF Working Group was established in 2017. Their aim is to take positive action to improve the representation of women across the Irish music sector and communities.

They seek to do so by working with partner groups on the following priority areas:
• To address gender balance issues / intersectional feminism issues across the music sector
• To create new systems to promote gender fairness across promoters / venues / funders / educators / curators / musicians
• To build a community where issues of gender can be discussed
• To organise and audit areas of the Irish music sector in relation to gender balance
• To liaise with educational organisations and institutions throughout the country
• To liaise with other international groups such as Fair Play and Sound pressure
• To encourage younger generations of musicians to become involved in these debates

STF has convened a Working Group who will lead the way to realising its collective goals.

Members of the STF Working Group:
Chair: Dr. Karen Power
Secretary: Dr. Jenny O’Connor-Madsen
Engagement Officer: Amanda Feery
Education Development Officer: Dr. Laura Watson
Events Officer: Jane Deasy
Projects Officer: Dr. Ann Cleare

This collective needs you and your voice to help alter and diversify the Irish music sector, so that gender and inclusivity moves beyond a topic and simply is a part of our culture.

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